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When you need help repairing your RV, what to tell you RV SERVICE DEALER.

When calling your RV REPAIR DEALER, these are the helpful pieces of information needed to assist for your repair:

1) Name

2) Phone #

3) Where you are located.

This information can help when trying to find a dealership located nearest you OR a mobile service than can come to you.

4) What is the issue?

When describing the issue, have the brand of the part, such as:

example: I have an AC that isnt cooling.

What brand is the AC? Dometic, Coleman Mach, Furion, or Advent.

Do you know if it is a Dometic Brisk II or a Coleman Mach Roughneck?

Make and model is ALWAYS helpful, along with 15K BTU or 13.5 BTU.

The best way to remember is having the information written down and put with your RV paperwork. Year installed also needs to be written down, just incase a warranty is included.

Describing the issue such as, its not cooling or it makes a loud noise, help the tech know what type of parts to have on hand when coming to your service call.

5) Is this a manufacture warranty? or Do you have a secondary warranty or insurance that will cover this?

I always ask my customers for a copy of the page from the purchase package to keep on file if they have purchased a NEW RV. I also tell them to take a picture of the page I keep so when traveling, you have it easily on hand.

That paperwork gives the information of who to bill, the VIN # and if you have any deductibles due at the time of service.

The only time that your YEAR/MAKE/MODEL of your RV comes into effect is when it is under some kind of warranty or insurance.

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