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It's almost time to use your RV for some warm weather fun! Are you ready???

We are now getting appointments for RV owners to get their units ready to camp!

If you are new to this, you may be wondering "what do I need to check to make sure we are ready for the season?". Here are a few things to check to make sure you are ready to travel:

1) Roof. Doesnt matter what age your RV may be, please check to see if it needs a recoat OR a complete new roof. Is the decking soft? If so, even if in a small area, it needs replaced which means a new complete roof.

How is the caulking? Vents, pipes, AC. Do you need to add some caulking around these areas? If they are cracked and appear in need of some caulking, PLEASE make sure you use the proper caulking. We recommend Dicor roofing products. Use either a self-leveling or a non sag for your caulking needs.

2) Tires. Check those tires and make sure they are road ready.

3) Toilet valve leaking inside when you turn on the water? (We have a DIY on our blog with a video to help you replace this yourself.)

4) Any water marks from being rained on? Water can be tricky, it finds weird ways to creep in to your unit. Sometimes the most logical way isnt always the way it is coming in, so ruling out from the most obvious to the least obvious can be helpful.

5) Do you have LP? Are your tanks full or need to be filled?

6) How are your 50 amp or 30 amp cords? Do you have a melted end? If so, it is time to replace that end. You also may need to check your surge protector as well and make sure it is ok. If you hear water inside of it, you need to replace it.

7) Now with warmer temps coming daily, you should be able to tell if you AC is cooling. If not, you may have an issue which should be checked. Dirt daubers? They can cause many issues.

8) Trailer lights. Check those brake lights, make sure your hitch is ok and that your weight is distributed correctly.

9) Awning. Extend the awning and make sure it is working without any issues. If you need new fabric, that can be replaced without replacing the entire awning/arms on most RV's.

10) Check you batteries. Make sure they are charged and ready to go.

11) Last but not least, dont forget to de-winterize your RV.

There is this cool video which will give you a few more tips than I have listed so please take a few minutes to watch.

Enjoy your season! Happy Camping!

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