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Shopping for a used RV? Here are some helpful tips.

If you are a first time buyer and looking to make sure you get the most information to you as possible, here are a few helpful tips.
1) Ask owner if there are any known issues with the unit you are purchasing.
I can tell you from experience that even when you purchase a used or new unit and you are told that there are no known issues, that doesn't mean the minute you leave something CAN happen. On occasion things can and will happen that are not known to the seller at the time of your purchase.
2) Check the roof. Look for cracks in the caulking around the vents, AC's. Look at the AC while up there.
3) Check the tires.
4) On the inside look at:
Ceiling & Walls to see if any discoloration from a possible leak.
Look at the floor, the corners of the slide out if there are any. Weakness from water leak. Sponginess.
Microwave/ Convection Oven

If possible see if the owner can hook up the unit to run. Keep in mind the refridge/freezer can take up to 48 hours to cool/freeze so call the day or 2 before and arrange your meeting.
Check the AC if hot outside or the furnace if cold outside.

Depending on the year of the unit, it may have an extended warranty still with it. Ask if it can be transferred to you.
Ask if the unit has a Lien and where the lienholder is located. A lien means you will have 10 days to get the funds to their lienholder to release the title. A lien doesnt mean you can not buy the unit, it will just slow down the title process.

RV shopping is fun! Relax and enjoy this new experience but go with some information under your belt.
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